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Ralph's Pro Shop is a full service Bowling Pro Shop

located in Elkhart, IN. inside Signature Lanes

Bowling Ball Maintenance


Bowling Ball Maintenance

Grips: the manufacturer recommends changing grip every 60 games or 6 months.  When is the last time you changed yours?


Ball Cleaning: Your bowling ball should be cleaned everytime you bowl, before placing it back in your bag. We recommend a micro fiber towel and a good bowling ball cleaner.  For a deeper clean, have it cleaned in the pro shop on the ball spinner.


Detox: (remove the oil)  When you notice your ball is saturated with oil or  lost it's reaction, it's time to Detox.


Resurface: (remove scratches) Your ball will look like NEW again.  It's amazing!



How To Take Care Of Your New Ball


  1. Using your Microfiber Towel wipe the ball off after each shot!
  2. Before you put your ball back in the bag, use ball cleaner and a microfiber towel to clean off the dirt and oil on the ball surface.
  3. Dull ball surfaces will have to be "scuffed up" when you see the ball start to shine-up from the oil on the lane. When the dull ball surface becomes shiny it will lose hook and or go longer down the lane before hooking.
  4. Shiny balls will lose their polish in the ball track and the track will look dull. This causes the ball to want to hook sooner, and possibly lose energy too fast. When this happens polish must be applied to bring back the original ball surface.
  5. Understand that surface adjustments are part of bowling. Meaning, if we desire a little more hook or a little more length before the ball hooks, we can and should make these types of adjustments. Ball surface adjustments are the most important step in fine tuning and creating the ball reaction you desire.
  6. If your ball has fingertips installed they should be replaced at least once a


year or more often depending on how many games you bowl.


  1. After 100-120 games balls will have collected many scratches and will have absorbed an excess of oil. Resurfacing (wet sanding) with our Haus Resurfacing Machine will remove most scratches improving surface contact to the lane. Placing your ball in our Detox will pull the oil out of the ball bringing it back to that "out of the box" hook potential.


Ralph's Pro Shop Maintenance Options




Clean ball                                    $3                  Resurface, Detox, Grips                  $39




Clean & polish                           $5                   New grips                                         $10




Resurface                                   $25                Tac-Up ball cleaner                        $10




De-tox                                         $20    




Abralon pads (change surface)$5                                                                                           

360, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 grit pads
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