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Ralph's Pro Shop is a full service Bowling Pro Shop

located in Elkhart, IN. inside Signature Lanes

Ralph's Pro Shop is located inside Signature Lanes, Elkhart, IN.


 We started our pro shop business in Greensboro in 2003.  After 16 years we have moved back to Indiana and are pleased to continue to serve bowlers with a quality pro shop.

We stock all the major brands of bowling balls, bags, accessories and shoes. Due to limited space, we can't stock it all, but will be happy to order any item you wish.

We also offer many services: ball plugging, ball resurfacing, detoxing (oil removal), ball cleaning/polishing, or sanding.

We offer interchangeable thumb systems from both Turbo (switch grips) and Vise (IT).

Many of you wonder why we don't sell bowling balls online.  Our philosophy is you need to be custom fitted.  We are happy to watch you roll your current ball, get your PAP, and make recommendations based on your individual style.


We have starter packages starting at $99.


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